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Greg Burton

The Arizona Republic executive editor

Greg Burton is executive editor of The Arizona Republic and a regional editor for USA TODAY in the West, leading newsrooms in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Nevada, Utah, California, Arizona and Guam. He began his career at a small newspaper in Idaho, writing about the environment during a period of upheaval over logging and mining, spotted owl protections and wilderness designations for old-growth forests and wild and scenic rivers. In 1997, he joined the Salt Lake Tribune. As a reporter and editor in Utah, he exposed the practice of forced incest and child abuse within polygamous clans and led projects on the reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Park and the battle over nuclear-waste storage and Yucca Mountain. Before the 2002 Winter Olympics, he uncovered secret gifts to the International Olympic Committee and helped chronicle the emergence of Mitt Romney as a national figure in the aftermath of the Olympic bribery scandal. He moved to California in 2011 after leading The News Journal’s Emmy-winning coverage of Vice President Joe Biden. As executive editor of The Desert Sun in Palm Springs, he led a project on groundwater depletion that won Stanford University’s Knight-Risser Prize for Western Environmental Journalism. He formed a reporting team in California that examined the catastrophic decline of the Salton Sea, alarming impacts of climate change in Joshua Tree National Park and insidious polluting of the air and water along the U.S.-Mexico border. In Arizona, Burton’s newsroom is a two-time Pulitzer finalist and Pulitzer winner in 2018 for The Wall, a landmark multimedia project that explores the border and President Trump’s promise to build “a great wall.”