David Festa

David Festa

Environmental Defense Fund, Senior Vice President, Ecosystems

David Festa is an expert on ecosystem resilience and has a long track record of bringing diverse stakeholders together to meet growing needs for food, water and shelter in ways that improve the environment and benefit the economy. As senior vice president of the Ecosystems program, David oversees the Environmental Defense Funds’ (EDF) market and policy work to:

·       Expand habitat on working lands

·       Eliminate fertilizer pollution

·       Rebalance water systems

·       Build resilient coastal communities

Prior to leading the Ecosystems program, David headed up the Oceans program, where he ignited a sea change in the way fisheries are managed by winning approval for an incentives-based system called catch shares. Today 65 percent of the fish caught in U.S. water is managed sustainably under the innovative system. David launched and still serves as president of The California Fisheries Fund, a $4 million revolving loan fund that invests in sustainable fishing.  David joined EDF in 2003, and is a member of EDF’s executive team.