Dale Morris

The Water Institute of the Gulf

Dale Morris is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at The Water Institute of Gulf as of May 1, 2018.  Morris will create new and deepen existing research, collaborative and business partnerships for The Institute in the US and abroad.  Morris previously served as Senior Economist at the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Washington, DC where he monitored federal budget tax, trade and energy issues, broad macro-economic trends and developments, and served on the Embassy’s Pension Plan Advisory Board.  Morris also directed the Dutch Government’s Water Management efforts in the United States, particularly in Louisiana, Florida, California, Texas, Virginia, New York and New Jersey.  His work has focused on broad “sustainability” topics: flood protection and flood risk mitigation, coastal and floodplain restoration, ecosystem resiliency, urban adaptation, urban water management, and landscape design for risk reduction and environmental/public amenity.  Morris previously served as Legislative Director and Press Secretary to two Members of the U.S. Congress, served in the US Air Force, and is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and the University of Virginia.