The first annual Ten Across (10X) Water Summit 


Steven Beschloss, Arizona State University
Director of Executive Communications & Strategic Initiatives

Amy Wold, The Water Institute of the Gulf
Director or Communications


On May 16-17, Arizona State University and The Water Institute of the Gulf will host the first annual Ten Across Water Summit in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in partnership with The Baton Rouge Area Foundation, the City of Baton Rouge, and the City of Phoenix.

The Ten Across Water Summit will feature a series of conversations with thought-provoking speakers such as former San Antonio mayor and U.S. HUD secretary Henry Cisneros, New York Times writer Michael Kimmelman, and the chief resilience officers of the cities of Paris, Mexico City, and major metro areas along the U.S. Interstate 10, among others. A full list of speakers is available here.

Media members attending the conference, or watching the livestream and receiving releases should register here. 

Following the Interstate 10 corridor 2,400 miles from Los Angeles to Jacksonville, the Ten Across initiative is developing a durable platform for exploring, understanding, and communicating the critical issues of our time. The project posits that this uniquely diverse and rapidly growing cross section of the country presents many of the challenges of the 21st century in the highest relief: water, energy, human migration, urban development, and global commerce among them. Ten Across is designed to reveal this linear region as a compelling window on the future and as a living laboratory for the country as a whole.   

Water is understandably the focus of this first Ten Across public event. In the Ten Across region, climate change and other human factors fuel drought in the West and inundation in the East. The pairing of these extreme desert and coastal conditions has provided a compelling framing device for the Summit. While conditions in the Colorado and Mississippi watersheds differ in texture, shared concerns include long-term resilience, multi-jurisdictional policy issues, data-rich forecasting and visualization, and the skillful navigation of environmental, economic and societal adjustments to change.

Wellington “Duke” Reiter, FAIA, originator of the Ten Across project, explains, “It’s our belief that the future is arriving early, in many senses, in the I-10 corridor. With closer observation in this area, one can see the critical issues of our time registering in both the built and natural environments. We’ve developed Ten Across to assemble this evidence in a compelling and coherent format, so as to inspire the necessary responses. We’re beginning with water.”

The summit is designed to stimulate the creation of key partnerships and shape Ten Across as an essential forum for the exchange of ideas. 

The 2018 10X Water Summit attendance will be limited to 200 invitees, to include leadership delegations from each of the Ten Across cities alongside scientists and researchers, thought leaders, and select private sector representatives. The two-day event will be hosted at the Water Campus in Baton Rouge, LA, on the banks of the Mississippi River and overlooking the Horace Wilkinson I-10 Bridge. Situated on 35 acres, the campus is a place for diverse transdisciplinary collaboration on global water issues and featuring the Center for Coastal and Deltaic Solutions, an iconic facility that serves as headquarters to

The Water Institute of the Gulf and housing a state-of-the-art conference center.

“The Water Campus is designed to gather scientists and experts from around the world to collaborate on developing solutions to our most pressing water challenges,” said Justin Ehrenwerth, president and CEO of The Water Institute of the Gulf. “We’re extremely honored that such a prestigious group of thinkers and policy makers will join us for this inaugural 10X Summit as we work through some of the most difficult issues of our time.”

The campus is also home to the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and the LSU Center for River Studies, which includes a 10,000-square-foot, interactive physical model of the lower Mississippi River, to be featured in the summit agenda.

Additional information and the full agenda can be found here. To request an invitation, please contact Beverly Haydel at

Prior to May 16, Wellington (Duke) Reiter will be available for interviews. He is senior advisor to the president of Arizona State University, executive director of ASU’s University City Exchange, and the originator of the Ten Across concept. As well, Justin Ehrenwerth, CEO of The Water Institute, will be available for interviews.